Teens Under the Influence

"It would be wonderful if Teens Under the Influence were in the hands of all parents."
Stephanie Abbott review in the National Association for the Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) newsletter

"As the most current and comprehensive resource on the teen drug problem, this will find an audience with teens, parents, and professionals. Highly recommended."
—Library Journal  

"An honest and factual look at the problem of teenage substance abuse in this valuable parenting resource. Their compassionate approach should be highly valuable both to parents of children who are already abusing drugs and alcohol, and to those who want to prevent their kids from ever using. The book is painstaking and thorough, with a detailed chapter on each drug and how it works. The book's final section gives detailed instructions on how parents can intervene and walk their children through the rehabilitation process, including relapses."
—Publishers Weekly

"From the coauthor of the best-selling Under the Influence comes a much-needed guidebook for parents, their teens, and the professionals who work with them."
Powell’s Books review

"Year after year the Gallup Polls show how devastating alcohol and other drug addictions are to individuals and our society as a whole. The new big threat is adolescent drug use and addiction, a problem that affects our society at all levels. Teens Under the Influence will be welcomed and applauded by parents, educators, judges, probation officers, and adolescents themselves. It will be a wonderful teaching tool, helping us to educate our children and ourselves about the facts, eliminating the many myths that cloud our thinking, and helping to eradicate the stigma of alcohol and other drug addictions."
—George Gallup, Chairman, The George H. Gallup International Institute, Princeton, NJ

"It is difficult to overestimate the importance and severity of adolescent alcohol and drug addiction, which is growing continually and also contributing to an increased rate of adolescent suicide. Strong parental leadership can make an enormous difference, but many parents do not know how to assert that kind of positive influence. Teens Under the Influence will save lives."
— Robert Cancro, MD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

Teens Under The Influence Book Cover