My Story of Addiction & Redemption

"A must-read for parents who are desperately rationalizing the frightening behavior of their offspring, refusing as so many parents do to believe there might be an addiction problem."
—Los Angeles Times

"The prodigal son of Bill Moyers, the exemplary broadcast journalist, wrecked a bright career at CNN and deserted his family in 1994, hitting bottom as a 'thirty-five-year-old crack addict.' The lurid appeal of his story hinges largely on Moyers’ munificent, even saintly father, and the train-wreck spectacle of his son's fall from grace . . . His father, who addresses him in heartfelt letters excerpted at length, looms throughout as both reproving shadow and divine light."
—Publishers Weekly

"Moyers, the son of legendary TV broadcaster Bill Moyers, is a successful journalist in his own right. His gripping account of his struggles with alcohol and crack addiction will have readers rooting for him from the very beginning.  Strongly recommended for all libraries."
—Library Journal

"William Cope Moyers's lucid, measured tale of his own plunge into crack-addled hell [is] frightening in its very realism.”
—USA Today

"A memoir of a terrible disease and one man's spiritual journey through it that should be read by those who have friends or family members caught in addiction."
—The Indianapolis Star

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