Beyond the Influence

Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism

“A convincing argument for the medical model of alcoholism, with resulting recommendations for treatment . . . A thorough, responsible presentation.”        
—Kirkus Reviews

“This book offers a plethora of timely information; a blow to old stigmas, myths and stereotypes; and hope for a future in which many senseless tragedies can be avoided and lives saved.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“Without question, this is the most far-reaching, thoughtful, scientifically sound, well-written, interesting and readable book I’ve read on the subject of alcoholism.”
—The Phoenix

"Comprehensive, balanced yet provocative, Beyond the Influence blends up-to-date research findings with practical knowledge about the cause and consequences of this disease. An excellent resource that resonates with courage and conviction." 
—Ernest P. Noble, PhD, MD, Pike Professor of Alcohol Studies at UCLA and former Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

"A brave and lucid book...[that] will open many people's eyes and save many people's lives. A must-read for anyone dealing with alcoholism." 
—Jeff Jay, president of the Terry McGovern Foundation and director of Program Development at Brighton Hospital, Brighton, Michigan

"A vital contribution for anyone who wants to understand the science of alcoholism, plus how to treat it."
—Claudia Black, PhD, author of It will Never Happen to Me

"A book of great furnishes a generous dose of hope...[and] a rallying cry for action."
—Jay Lewis, former editor and publisher of The Alcoholism Report

"This invaluable work will contribute much to the battle against our number one disease."
—from the Foreword by George McGovern, former senator and author of Terry: My Daughter's Life-and-Death Struggle with Alcoholism

Beyond The Influence Book Cover