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Where the Light is

  One evening, many centuries ago, a man called Mansour walks through the village to visit his friend Nasruddin.  He finds Nasruddin, sometimes called “the Holy Fool,” on his hands and knees, crawling around in the dirt under the light of a lantern.

"Nasruddin, did you lose something?  What are you looking for?”

"I lost my key,” Nasruddin replies, wiping the sweat from his brow and leaving a trail of dirt on his forehead.  “I’ve been searching for hours but I can’t find it."

"Let me help you," Mansour says.  He joins his friend, kneeling down on his hands and knees, and searching for the lost key under the light of the lantern.

After a time, having looked everywhere around the dirt road and pathway to Nasruddin’s home, Mansour asks his friend to recall his steps when he last had the key.  "Nasruddin, can you remember when you last had the key and where you might have lost it?”

"I last had it in the house.  That’s where I lost it,” Nasruddin responds, continuing his search.

"In your house?" repeats the astonished Mansour. "Then why have we spent hours looking for the key here, outside on the sidewalk under this street lamp?”

Without hesitation, Nasruddin explains, “Because there is more light here!”