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 where are you

A long, long time ago, even at the very beginning of time, a father is searching for his son. The story begins with a serpent and an apple. Shame is felt here, first, and this sudden exposure of human weakness and frailty leads to covering up and running away. But from some things we cannot hide.

God, the All-Seeing, the All-Knowing, understands why Adam is hiding. He knows where Adam is cowering in the bushes. He is angry, but greater than His anger is His love. His anguished question has been repeated throughout time by those who are estranged from the people they love most in the world.

“Where are you Adam?”

This is the question behind all shame, all separation, and all sorrow. “Where are you?” Will we continue to hide our flaws, separating ourselves not only from those we love but also from ourselves? Or will we step into the light, remove our masks and cloaks, and accept ourselves as we are─imperfect. Imperfectly human.