What is Expected of a human being


  One day Nasrudin Khoja and a group of his neighbors were going somewhere together.  They all rode upon their donkeys. When they came to a hill, Khoja noticed that his donkey was sweating.  He got down from its back and whispered into its ear, “I am sorry that you are working so hard that you are sweating.”

His neighbors noticed Khoja get down from his donkey's back and whisper into its ear, and they were curious about this.  “Khoja, what did you whisper to your donkey?” one of them asked.

“I told my donkey that I was sorry that he had to work so hard that he sweated,” answered Khoja.

All his neighbors laughed, and one of them said, “Why did you do that?  Donkeys do not understand human speech. They are not at all human.”

“What I do is what concerns me.  I did what is expected of a human being, and I do not care whether or not he understood what I said.”