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 Two Monks and the Beautiful Woman

On their way to the monastery two Buddhist monks came to the shore of a river and prepared to cross.  A young and very beautiful woman was standing on the embankment unable to cross because the water was too high.  Without a word, one of the monks lifted the woman onto his back and carried her to the other side.

As they continued on their way to the monastery, the monk received a severe reprimand from his brother.  “What were you thinking about?” asked the horrified monk. “Were you so blinded by her beauty that you forgot your vows?  How dare you touch a woman? Not only did you touch her, but you carried her on your back! What if someone had seen you? Did you ever consider what the consequences might be for the brotherhood?”

On and on the monk continued, filled with his own self-righteousness.  After listening patiently to the interminable harangue, the offending monk finally spoke up.  “Brother, I left that woman at the riverbank. Why are you still carrying her?”