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 The Talking Frog

Once there was an elderly man, and one evening he was taking his usual walk.  He was enjoying the crisp night air and the wind blowing gently. But suddenly he heard a voice crying out, “Help me, help me!”  

The man looked around and saw no one and so he continued his walk.  Again he heard a tiny voice, “Help me, help me!” This time he looked down and saw a small frog.  He gently lifted up the frog and looked at it intently.  

The frog spoke, “I am really a very beautiful princess.  If you will kiss me, I will turn back into a princess and I will hug you and kiss you and love you forever.”  

The man thought for a moment, placed the frog in his top pocket, and continued walking. The little frog looked up out of the pocket and asked, “Why don’t you kiss me?” The man responded, “Frankly, at this stage of my life, I’d rather have a talking frog.”