One day the prophet Musa passed a beggar on the road, who clutched his robe and said:  "Oh Musa, prophet of Allah, please beg the Lord for me, that He may give me sustenance!”  Musa continued on his journey and climbed the mountain, where he prayed to the Lord.

Finally, the Lord said:  "Do you have anything to ask?"

Musa said:  "Oh, Thou who knowest all and forgettest naught!  This morning I saw a beggar who requested me to intercede on his behalf.  He never receives a penny from anyone."

God said:  "I do not wish him to receive anything."  Musa went back to his house and spent the night praying.

The next morning, on his way to the mountain, Musa again saw the same beggar, who held him by his garment and asked him if he had any reply.

Musa answered:  "Allah sends you His salaam, but He does not wish to give you anything."  The beggar insisted: "Oh Nabii Musa, Holy Messenger, please ask Allah, exalted be His name, that He have mercy for once!"

Musa continued on his journey and climbed the mountain where God spoke to him.  Finally, God asked him if he had any questions. Musa repeated the beggar's prayer and God answered:  "All right, for you I will change my decision once. That will be enough to show you."

Later that day it occurred to a passer-by on the road to give a silver coin to the beggar.  The beggar took the coin, went to the market and bought a panga, a large sharp knife. Then the beggar went and killed a man.  The beggar was arrested, brought before the cadi, condemned to death and executed.

And the Lord spoke to Musa:  "Today you know why I did not wish that beggar to receive money.  You begged it for him, and it was his undoing."   

Innocently unaware of the prejudices held against him, an old black man, staunchly religious, some years ago applied for membership in an exclusive church.  The pastor attempted to put him off with all sorts of evasive remarks. The old man, becoming aware that he was not wanted, said finally that he would pray on it and perhaps the Lord would tell him just what to do.

Several days later he returned.  "Well," asked the minister, "did the Lord send you a message?"

"Yes sir, he did," was the answer.  "He told me it wasn't any use. He said, 'I've been trying to get in that same church myself for ten years, and I still can't make it.