What is Addiction? What is Recovery?

Answers to the most common questions about addiction and recovery, firmly grounded in scientific fact and offered in easy-to-understand language, can be found at the Recovery Research Institute's website, https://www.recoveryanswers.org/about-the-recovery-researc…/.  Founded in 2012 by Dr. John F. Kelly, the Recovery Research Institute is an exciting, innovative organization dedicated to increasing knowledge about addiction and recovery through science. Be sure to take a good, long look at their website where you will find an astonishing array of easy-to-understand science-based findings, informative and enlightening videos, and all the answers to your questions about addiction and recovery. One of my favorite parts of this site is the Addictionary, an A-Z list focusing on the words we use to speak about addiction and recovery. “If we want addiction destigmatized, we need a language that’s unified.”

Kathy KetchamComment