Spirituality Is a Way That We Be


And so what is spirituality?Spirituality is to be found in the ordinary and everyday phenomena and activities of be-ing described in the following segments. Spirituality is experienced in our Listening, in our Forgiveness, in our Dark places, in our Confusions, in our storiesnot so much in what we do,but in what and how we be . . . by how we experience the realities that we meet.

Spirituality is, in briefest description, a way of lifea way of being.

For like lifeand love,spirituality is a way that we be.This way of be-ing defies definition and delineation; we cannot tie it up, in any way package it or enclose it. Elusive in the sense that it cannot be pinned down,spirituality slips under and soars over all efforts to capture it, to fence it in with words. But because it is experienced, spirituality can be described.

What is spirituality?

I recently heard a story of someone asking a monk, . . . What is your life like as a monk?

The monk replied, “We walk, we fall down, someone helps us up. We walk some more, someone else falls down. We help them up. Thats pretty much what we do.